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Finalising move to Life Konnect

The move to LK nears completion with the need to vacate the old storage area before end of Novemeber. No doubt numerous items will be on display in the LK grounds in the coming months.


Farming Like Grandad - 27th Jan 2019

If your grandad farmed in the 1920's to 60's this aims to replicate how it was done. Heavy horse demonstrating ploughing and wagon rides. Vintage tractors, cars and machinery on view. Demonstrations of crafts, milking, butter making and shearing with the equipment of the day.


Recent update to Kawerau Mall display by Frances, Lorraine and Wednesday team, for Armistice Day. Some photos here.

Friday crew continue with The General tractor and have stripped and reassembled seized gearbox and diff of the Bradford. Mal has arranged for Waterwheel membership of Jowett Car Club, so we can access spares as needed.